For M&A Attorneys

GF Data gives M&A attorneys information that they “need to know” as well as some that is “nice to know.” Transaction lawyers are pleased to have the high-level view of valuation, leverage and deal volume trends that GF Data offers in its quarterly reports. However, their clients are primarilyy looking to them to provide definitive judgment and sense of the market on key deal terms other than price. GF Data has become the most complete source of benchmarks on these major deal points:
  • General indemnification against breaches of reps and warranties as a percentage of purchase price
  • Survival period for that indemnification
  • “Basket” or deductible for breaches of reps and warranties
  • Amount of funds placed in escrow or held back, as a percentage of purchase price
  • Period of escrow/hold back

Professional associations and law firms produce surveys covering these provisions, but they tend to focus on larger deals and/or deals reported by public acquirers.

Our key deal term data is set apart by its focus on private deals being completed in the $10 to $250 million value range.