For Private Equity Firms

The GF Data Resources database helps private equity groups operate and price businesses more efficiently without attempting to change established modes of operation. More accurate data — and at a finer level of detail — helps private equity firms:
  • Understand market dynamics in competitive sale processes
  • Evaluate and manage proposals from debt providers
  • Discuss value with prospective sellers
  • Refine modeling assumptions (e.g., assumed exit multiples)
  • Dissect investment decisions for internal discussion and analysis

GF Data Resources also provides better benchmarks for meeting the Fair Value Measurement standards enacted in FASB Statement 157 which directs PE firms and others to use fair value measurement in their accounting for fiscal years and interim periods beginning after November 15, 2007. The Private Equity Investment Guidelines Group (PEIGG) and the CFA Institute have endorsed the fair value approach as well.

Important note: private equity firms active in the GF Data Resources deal range ($10 million — $250 million) must provide their own deal data as a condition of subscription. Subscriptions are available to PE data providers at a discounted rate.