“If you do only one thing today be sure to read our lead article on the latest valuation multiples from GFDR. We’ve been waiting for the data to finally back up what we all know — that the gap between seller and buyer valuations has shrunk and that valuation multiples have come down — and the GF report confirms this in spades.”

John McNulty
Private Equity Professional Digest

“In business valuation, having up-to-date transactional information is critical. GF Data Resources provides us with information on current middle market transactions, which has become increasingly hard to find. This information is invaluable for our middle market clients, providing us with current market insights on how these companies are being valued in the marketplace.

GF Data Resources’ database is easy to navigate and contains the breadth of transaction across industries and by size to make a meaningful comparison with most of our clients. We also can be assured that the data is continuously updated and reliable.”

Arlene Ashcraft
Columbia Financial Advisors
Portland, OR

“I pulled the screen this morning – I actually didn’t realize that I could go online and cut the data. I searched every other source I could think of but couldn’t come up with such specific data as most PE companies don’t report transaction values. I had been using mostly public company comps which had really inflated values – this data was markedly different and much more in-line with where we thought transaction values should be. This was very helpful.’

Private Equity Group data contributor

“Be sure to read the article on middle market deal activity below. It’s chock full of great data from GF Data Resources, maybe the best collector of deal stats for the middle market.”

John McNulty
Private Equity Professional Digest

“My colleagues and I find GF Data Resources to be a very useful tool as we provide valuation guidance to our clients. The demarcation of transactions by size and industry is particularly helpful in quantifying certain dynamics we regularly observe in the lower middle market.”

Philip M. Meyer
George K. Baum Advisors LLC
Kansas City, MO

“GF Data Resources provides an additional valuable database of private equity transactions. Using only one or more of Pratt’s Stats, Done Deals, BizComps and IBA’s databases to find valuation multiples for M&A transactions can miss this important part of the overall market and may result in an inferior analysis. We must take all real transactions into account.”

Sven V. Serspinski
C&J Valuation Advisors
Knoxville, TN a division of Coulter & Justus, P.C.

“GF Data provides the most meaningful collection of Lower Mid-Market M&A transaction metrics I have accessed in the 15 years I have worked in this industry. While other data sources, with more recognized names, tout the most relevant information, in fact, their data rarely has any correlation to the actual market pricing of Mid-Market companies, and is simply used by over aggressive investment banks to lure divestiture clients through the door. The occurrence of 9-12 times EBITDA multiples for Lower Mid-Market companies is so rare, such transactions are more urban legend that reality. GF Data provides meaningful analysis each quarter on the changes to transaction metrics, which allow investment bankers to dial in to the most relevant trends, and ensure client expectations mirror the real world. I have referred more colleagues to GFDR’s service offering than any other single source in my career, and I intend to continue referring their service as the standard for Lower Mid-Market data.”

Ron Dersch
Managing Director
DAI Capital,
Edmonton, Alberta

“We find GF Data Resources to supply some of the most pertinent data for our end of the market. The information is extremely relevant and useful to us in communicating market dynamics to our clients. They have definitely solved a frustration we have had with the larger more expensive databases that tend to focus on much larger transactions”

Michael Egües
Managing Director
Triarch Partners
Charlotte, NC

“We find GF Data Resources to be an invaluable marketing tool. It is the only resource that gives us realistic purchase price and debt multiple information on lower middle market transactions. This access to current, detailed transaction data from private equity firms provides us with significant market knowledge and a potential competitive advantage.”

Andy Mason
Managing Director
VRA Partners
Atlanta, GA