GF Data Resources reports contain detailed valuation, volume and leverage data on private equity-sponsored transactions in the $10-to-$250 million value range. Valuation data is organized by deal size, by transaction type and industry. We also differentiate between values paid to sellers and “all-in” costs to buyers. Leverage data features senior and total debt levels, pricing on senior and sub debt, and payment-in-kind and warrant positions.

M&A Snapshot is a twice a year report that reports on lower middle market Key Deal Terms—Indemnification, Escrow/Holdback, Basket. GF Data is able to stratify these terms by deal size, industry and year of deal.

Subscribers also receive continuous access to our online data base which provides “drill down” valuation data organized by NAICS industry code.

Current Summary Report
Please email Bob Wegbreit at to request a copy of our current Summary Report. Summary reports are available on a complimentary, limited basis for subscription review purposes.

GF Data Resources Searchable Database Overview
GF Data Resources NAICS Categories — updated March 2013.