The Data We Use

Participating private equity groups input specfic data through an on-line template. Participating firms report the data entry takes 10-15 minutes per transaction. Information requested includes:
  • Transaction closing date
  • Transaction type
  • Total enterprise value
  • Platform company or add-on acquisition
  • Earnout or seller financing
  • Buyer’s transaction expenses
  • Major business category
  • NAICS industry classification
  • Trailing 12-month revenues, revenue growth, adjusted EBITDA
  • Year-One projected revenues
  • Pricing and Amount(s) of senior/subordinated debt or single-tranche debt
  • Payment-in-kind and all-in return
  • Indemnification cap — amount and general survival period
  • Escrow/Holdback — amount and period
  • Basket

GF Data Searchable Database Overview
GF Data NAICS Categories — updated May 2010